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TS User Agreement X

Before registering, please read the following. During the registration process, click the “Agree and Continue” button to indicate that the user fully accepts all the terms and conditions under this agreement. Article 1 Membership

After you have fully agreed to the Terms of Service and complete the registration process at Shenzhen Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd, you can become a member of this website and enjoy the services provided by Shenzhen Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd.

Article 2: Member Rights

1. Members must sign contracts and pay relevant business expenses in order to enjoy all the tax service contents provided by this website (other registered new enterprises can only enjoy part of the platform services);

2. Any member is obliged to abide by the terms, regulations, procedures and practices of this regulation and other network services.

Article 3: Member Information

1. In order to enable us to better serve our members, please provide detailed and accurate personal information. If changes are required, please update them in a timely manner. The consequences of providing false information shall be borne by the members;

2. Members are responsible for keeping their own registration passwords and regularly modifying them to avoid losses. The losses caused by member negligence are borne by the members. Users should be legally responsible for all activities and events conducted with their user accounts.

Article 4: Cancellation of membership

If any member is found to have one of the following intentional actions, this website reserves the right to cancel the use of the service without any compensation;

1. It may cause all or part of the services of this website to be affected or to jeopardize the operation of this website;

2. Obtain membership in any fraudulent act;

3. Use the network service system for any illegal purpose;

Article 5: Supplementary Provisions

1. The scope of the above provisions is limited to Shenzhen Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd.;

2. Members of this website violate the above regulations and violate relevant laws and regulations. All consequences are at their own risk. Shenzhen Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd assumes no responsibility;

3. Within the scope of this article, Shenzhen Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd has the final interpretation.

This website is operated by Shenzhen Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd. and is supported by its affiliates (hereinafter Development Engineering and its affiliates are collectively referred to as “we”). We understand that you care about how your information is used and shared. Thank you very much for your trust in our handling of this matter. This statement will address our policy on privacy protection. By accessing (this website), you agree to accept this privacy statement.
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